How to record MG2 in Studio One 3 through loopMIDI without buying add-on VST plugin

My Studio One 3 does not have AU, VST, Rewire support. I need to buy them as add-on into Studio One 3.

Currently, I can play and hear Jam Origin (JO) Midi Guitar 2 connected through virtual loopMIDI port to Studio One 3.

I have selected loopMIDI port as JO Midi output. In Studio One 3, I choose 'New Instrument" in External Device Configuration and make Loopmidi port as input / ‘Received from’.

I created a new audio track and can see the signal signs. In order to record the Midi Guitar, I also created an instrument track and choose the input as ‘New Instrument’.

However, during playback, I can only hear the original guitar sound but not the Midi. I also noticed there was no Midi signal being created in the instrument track.

Is it mandatory to install VST plugin add-on or is there some other way to record the JO Midi Guitar 2 (through Loopmidi) in Studio One 3 ?

Appreciate community advice. Thanks

Hello Budumix,
Have a look here: Studio One
Maybe you will find something useful.
Sorry if I can’t help you more, all I know about studio one is that it don’t accept third party plugins.

you also have to select the midiloop device for input in the track itself

Thanks Herold, Paul for your response.

I’d already taken a look at those previous chat prior to sending this post but it seems different than mine because Studio One Professional already built-in with a 3rd party VST plugin support as such, MG2 is installed as VST plugin. Whereas mine (Studio One Artist 3) requires additional purchase of 3rd party VST support before i can install MG2 as VST plugin. Though, I can still play/hear MG2 (stand alone) by connecting through virtual loopMIDI port to my Studio One 3. The problem is that I cannot record MG2 into the instrument track because no MIDI signal is generated.

And yes, Paul…i’ve already selected ‘New instrument’ (assigned to loopMIDI port) for the instrument input track itself and while recording, I can see a kind of line appears on the instrument track but during playback, nothing is shown.

Anyway, I’m gonna give a few more shots and if it’s still not working, I guess I have to purchase the add-on 3rd VST plugin support and hopefully, things will work after that.


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Good news Community. I have managed to turn my acoustic nylon string guitar into a MIDI controller for Studio One Artist 3. I must say credit here goes to You can check out the video in YouTube “How to setup MIDI output in Studio One”.

I did the followings:

  1. In loopMIDI, I created 2 ports. One is ‘loopMIDI port from MG2’ and the other is ‘loopMIDI port from Studio One’.
  2. In MG2 MIDI output, I select ‘loopMIDI port from MG2’.
  3. In Studio One ‘Configure External Device’, I added ‘New Keyboard’ and made ‘loopMIDI port from MG2’ as input (Receive From).
  4. Then, I added ‘New Instrument’ and made ‘loopMIDI port from Studio One’ as output (Send To). I also tick all the boxes underneath.
  5. Then, I created Instrument track and select New Keyboard (or whatever name being assigned to it) as input. I also need to drag & drop Studio One stock plugin MIDI instruments (e.g. Presence, Mai Tai etc.) into the instrument track.
  6. Finally, i can see the MIDI signal is generated and can record the MIDI sound (e.g. Presence, Mai Tai etc.) using my acoustic guitar as a MIDI controller. I must say here that I’m not able to record the sound of MG2 patches itself but it already make my day because there are plenty of MIDI sounds in Studio One stock plugin itself.

Have a nice day.

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