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How to record MIDI Guitar on Logic Pro X existing audio song?

How to record MIDI Guitar on Logic Pro X existing audio song?

please specify what you want to do more precisely

I have some existing recordings in Logic Pro X that I would like to add some midi tracks to enhance the present sound. For example, I have a rhythm guitar track, a lead guitar track, a bass guitar track, and, a drummer track. I would like to add some additional instruments, like a piano, an organ track, maybe some horn tracks, etc. I was thinking MIDI Guitar would give the ability to do this.

When I add the two tracks as suggested to an existing audio recording in Logic Pro X, I can hear the MG2 instrument selected playing along with my prior recorded tracks. Can you help? I am trying to add an additional MIDI Guitar track to my existing audio recording using piano, or, organ, etc. Thanks for your help with this.

you should only use 1 MIDI Guitar track. this track listens to your guitar input and generates MIDI.
you can add instrument tracks in Logic: each instrument you record will hear the midi coming from MIDI Guitar.
Please first follow the quickstart on https://youtu.be/q8tQtYfbODU