How To Record MIDI or Audio output from Midi Guitar 2 if using an existing audio track to convert

Am using MG2 to convert an existing audio track to MIDI
Would like to record the resultant midi data and audio output from Kontakt, but, of course, when hit record on these tracks, the existing audio is also being recorded (erased).
Am i missing something obvious.

Have you looked at the examples for differnet DAW’S on

Paul thanks, yes I’ve checked that page.
It talks about routing the midi being generated to other places which I’ve been able to do.
But what I’m after is being able to record the midi data for the purpose of editing and refining it.
Once I begin recording the midi track, the audio track that contains the mg2 plugin is also recording (because it needs to be record enabled to work) so nothing is being converted because it’s being erased.
Maybe it’s not possible to do this?

Hello difab4, welcome here.
Do you have a mac or pc ?
What daw do you use for recording audio and midi from MG2 ?
I didn’t understand what is the use of kontakt in there.

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Maybe you can find also some help here:

Thank you Herold,
Am using MOTU DP 9 with an iMac. I’ve read some of the posts on the link you suggested re Kontakt. Problem is not in kontakt. The problem, or question is; if the existing recorded track that mg2 is converting needs to be record enabled to work, then is there a way to record the resultant midi without erasing the recorded track.

mg2 doesnt need to be on a record enabled track.
the record requirement is only to get external signal into MG. When there is a recording on the track, this will be fed to MG automatically, like with any other plugin.

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