How to record MIDI output from MIDI Guitar into Pro Tools


I am trying to use MIDI Guitar to create MIDI notes that can then be recorded onto a Pro Tools track.

My hardware: HP Z820, 190GB RAM, 3 TB SSD, Windows 10
My software: Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.18

This is my process:

  1. I have a mono analog track with an electric guitar riff on it.
  2. I feed that track into the input of an Instrument Track.
  3. The Instrument Track has an insert plugin named Blue Cat Patch Work.
  4. The Blue Cat Patch Work plugin has MIDI Guitar instantiated in the first Parallel Chains box.
  5. I set the MIDI Guitar MIDI Interface Input Channel (MIDI Controller Channel) to Channel 1
  6. I set the Pro Tools Instrument MIDI Output Selector to “Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1-1”
  7. I set the Pro Tools Instrument track to record, hit the record button, but no MIDI is recorded.

When I hit play or record, I can hear the analog guitar riff being converted by MIDI Guitar into piano sounds, so I know that MIDI Guitar is receiving the analog stream and converting it to MIDI commands and notes.

Any thoughts on why I cannot record the MIDI notes, velocity etc. are not recording?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Our info about Protools is here:

In short: the trick with the Blue Cat plugin only works on macOS, because there our AU plugin creates a virtual midi port. this does not work on windows, becuse there are no AU’s on windows.

Thank you for your response Paul. I read the link; are you saying that by using LoopMIDI that I will be able to feed MIDI to Pro Tools via Blue Cat? It wasn’t clear to me in the link description.

MG standalone can provide midi to Protools via loopMIDI. Bleucat then is out of the equation.

Oh cool! I will give that a try Paul. Thanks so much!

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I was able to successfully record the MIDI notes onto a Pro Tools track. Thanks for the direction Paul. Now I was wondering, in the standalone MIDI Guitar app, is there a way that I can save all of my settings to a preset or configuration file?

ofcourse… The interface settings are saved automatically globally when you quit the app, when the app is licensed.

That worked! I was afraid to try it because I had set so many parameters to be able to get excellent note-for-note tracking without artifacts.

Thanks for everything Paul.

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Did I mention that I LOVE your product Paul? Well, I do!

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Hi Joe,
I’m trying to record midi into protools on a windows 10 unit no luck so far.
Can you explain how you did it?

Have you found your answer yet? If not, I will take the time to detail what I did.

Hi Joe no luck yet with protools, I’m running protools 2020 on windows 10 if that helps.
Also having problems with the scan plunin tool scanning every file on my computer and giving errors when it hits a non vst file