How to record notes onto piano roll - FL 20.5 MAC

my fl studio gets audio from MG but does not record notes into piano roll. can someone help me im new to all this. I would like to record to piano roll so i can “clean up” any unwanted notes that MG sometimes produces. I followed DAW setup to a T.

recording into pianoroll in FL is only possible via a midi loopback construct.
This info is added not long ago, it might have escaped your attention

I followed this exactly. Only audio is recorded or detected. I followed to the T.

Audio is recorded into my playlist, not midi notes to my piano roll. Help!

first check is to ensure that MG is getting input: choose the “test piano” patch inside the MG plugin. Check if it sounds.
If it sounds, then check if the MG midi output is send to the proper channel (the one that is assigned to the midi loopback )

It is set like that as it should. Output port to 0. Just no notes being recognized by fl studio. Only audio from MG.

So I figured it out. I just did the steps opposite. As in using Looping Input instead of output and it worked.

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when i choose test piano I only continue hearing my guitar playing in my headphones, not the patch. how do i fix it?