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How to route Guitar Midi 2 to Logic pro

i have a problem to load Guitar Midi 2 in logic pro ( Last version ) it said developer is not reconized but Bass Midi works :roll_eyes: now i like to use Guitar Midi 2 as Standalone but routed to logic pro . how can i do that in logic pro thanks for the Help .

Hi Tom!
When you say you have a problem loading MG2, how did it show itself? Was it as a result of having updated any software? I am on Logic 10.7.1 (the absolute latest being 10.7.2) and am experiencing no such issues. To your other question, Open Logic, and then open MG2 the virtual MIDI routing will be done for you. Just make sure you have the instrument track in Logic armed for recording. It doesn’t matter in what order you open them really. As long as you have them open side by side MG2 will provide Logic with MIDI either way.

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thanks for the Answer but there s any Update coming for logic 10.7.2 ? i can use Guitar Midi 2 as Standalone but not as plugin inside logic pro .

Well, I don’t know about any Logic updates, but I just updated mine to 10.7.2 and there is no problem loading a MIDI Guitar 2 plugin in that. Would you mind telling me how it is “you can’t use MIDI Guitar 2 as a plugin”. Does it not show up as an Audio Unit plugin?