How to save a Midi Guitar patch/program in my sequencer


I’m trying to figure out a little problem regarding MG2 patch changes within a sequencer. Basically, I record the performance on an audio track and route the MIDI out of the MG2 plugin to another VST instrument track. That way, I can record pitch bends. MG2 is always “live” in a way. If I have to, I can edit the recorded performance with Melodyne (timing, etc). That works perfect.

The patch I made for MG2 is not saved with the project as it does so for my synths, etc… (Most recent Bandlab Cakewalk). I have to reload the patch manually each time I open the project. I have no idea how to make this work. Any idea ?

Thanks so much.


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Try saving your project setup as a template.

If that doesn’t work you might want to ask the question in the Cakewalk by BandLab forum Q & A section here: Cakewalk by BandLab Forum Q & A Section

It’s curious. I use almost the same method but I place the vsti plugins in the vst instrument track, in order to avoid dealing with MG2 that acts like a simple midi converter.
Anyway, trying to reproduce your method, I saved a MG2 patch “test” in my daw’s project and quit the daw. On reloading the project, I found MG2 patch “default” instead, BUT… “default” patch contains all the “test” patch’s parameters. As a result, MG2 patch is saved with the project.
PS: I use Reaper.

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Wow thanks for your quick answers.

Herold. Bingo. That really does work the same way in Cakewalk. I have never noticed the settings were saved with the project. I was just concerned about the default patch loading every time and didn’t noticed the settings were saved anyway.

So, you record MIDI on the instrument track if I understand ? Are you able to record pulls and vibratos ?

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Sorry, I forgot to say that MG2 parameters have to be activated if bends and other functions are needed.
However, I install the vst/vsti plugins in the vst recording track, not in MG2.

I tried your method. It works well too. I had MG2 for less than a month, so I have to tweak things a little bit still. Thanks for the help!

Happy new year!!!

I mainly use the plugin with a live host Cantabile. The same behavior takes place in that host. The parameters are saved, but the preset name always reverts to Default.

Hopefully the developers can commit on this.