How to set up breath controller with guitar midi 2 in ableton

Hi I am having trouble mapping my TeControl BBC2 to change instrument volume while using guitar midi 2 in ableton. I am using Kontact library instruments. Any tips??



There are 2 ways to control synths with MG and Breatch controller inside a DAW:

  1. Program (that mostly means “midi learn”) the synth itslef to react to the Breathcontrollers CC. Standard for mod=cc #1, breathcontrol=cc#2, volume=cc#7, hold=#64. You can set those CC’s in TeControl’s app. Most bigger synth also offer flexible assignments.
  2. Use midi learn or midi machines in MG VST. This however requires to get the controller midi routed into our fx plugin. This route is normally blocked, but most daw’s offer a workaround to get the CC’s into an audio fx VST.
    Look here:

Might be worth also mentioning that, specific to Ableton Live, you can create ‘macros’ and assign MIDI controllers directly to those. These may provide greater control depending on the synth you are using.

Also, make sure the required MIDI controller is active under: Preferences > Link MIDI.