How to set up live?

What hardware and software do I need when I want to use JamOrigin in a live situation? I use a Kemper and would like to know how to connect all the cables and how I can switch sounds easily.I don’t want to have a computer in the signalchain when the synths are not used.

What kind of I/O does the Kemper have? I’ve done what you wanna do but with an Axe-Fx II and I’m sure the principles are the same. Just not sure what the Kemper offers specifically in terms of signal routing.

I/O: 4x analog Main Output (L/R, stereo balanced/ unbalanced), analog Monitor Output, 2x Switch/ Pedal, S/PDIF, 3x MIDI (in/ out/ thru), Alternative Input, Return Input, Direct Output/ Send, 2x USB (Host/ Device), Ethernet

Nevermind answering, I will go for the Fishman TriplePlay.

We are no Kemper experts, so instead of telling halfttruths or nonsense, I’ve left this question open to answer for people that have Kempers in our group.
The routing with a triple play will not be much different by the way. I think you’ll have more luck asking this stuff on a Kemper forum instead of here.

Keep this thread open is a good thing. I was curious about the stuff I need when performing live (with and/or without a whatever amp).

that question has no simple straight answer because it depends on what you want to do…
If I myself play at a small solo gig, I just take a mini hifi monitorspeaker and an ipad or laptop wit interface, and dont even bother to bring a footcontroller. I use no switching then, and I also use the guitarchannel from MG.

If you want to run MG as “add on” on an existing “virtual amp” rig with hifi monitoring, you need to split the guitarsound before it enters your fx chain, route this signal into your audio interface, through MG, and have the interface output mixed with the output of your fx chain, to have them on the same monitor(s).
This can be done in thousands of ways: important to notice is that hum might be induced by the loop created by the detour through the computer. At the point where the computer signal is mixed with your fx chain, the computersignal should at least be “ground lifted”.
(To be honest, I just have used cables with cut groundconnection for this, but the official DI box method maybe looks more professional.)
Ok, so that is the loop itself, not too complicated…
Then it starts to get a bit messy with midi.
If you want to change patches via midi PC (Program Changes) on both your fx chain and your synthesizer, you’ll have to route the output of your footcontroller to both.
Here it becomes complicated by the number of way you can program both parts:
Most footcontrollers can send mulitple PC’s on multiple midi channels:; that way you can pick 1 preset from your fx chain and combine it with 1 synth preset, via the footcontrollereditor.
You can also keep the PC unified: then fx chain preset 1 is always used with synth preset 1. footcontroller programming then isn’t needed.
Getting the midi from your footcontroller to both parties, can be done by a hardware midi splitbox or via a serial “midi thru” setup.
There a a zillion ways to set this all up, and this is just a glance at a few details that you would encounter in any way.

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I searched the Kemper’s info and now realise that it has no USB audio function. I had assumed that like the Axe-Fx II it had this function. With the Axe-FX the dry guitar signal can be routed to the computer via USB which makes a very nice feed for MG2. The audio is then rerouted back to the Axe FX over the same USB audio channels where it appears at the main outputs.

If I were working with a device that couldn’t do USB audio (like the Kemper) I would guess that I’d either use the FX Loop in combo with an external interface - send a signal out to the interface (+ laptop /or/ iPad) then back in to the Kemper. Alternatively you could use an interface with multiple outputs to directly route your instrument signal to both your Kemper and your laptop /or/ iPad simultaneously…then the rest depends on the capabilities of whatever other gear you are using.

Hope this helps.

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