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How to set up the Tecontrol Breath controller and Logic

I’m having difficulties setting up the Tecontrol Breath controller and Logic. I’ve found several youtube videos on how to do it and think that I’m close but I just can’t get it to work.

I’ve got MG2 working logic - 'just want to get the breath controller working.

Hi Henk! If it is not an instrument you open within MIDI Guitar (as a plugin in Logic), it is pretty straightforward. The breath controller is a separate assignment, and has nothing to do with MIDI guitar really! Tell me what your setup looks like, what instrument/synth you are using, if you are using MIDI guitar as a plugin or standalone, and I’ll be in a better position to help you with places to look at!

Thanks LoFileiF

My goal is to use MG2 as a plugin with Logic ProX’s Studio Alto Sax 2 with a Tecontrol breath controller.

What is working now:

  • Logic ProX’s Studio Alto Sax 2 with Midi guitar 2 as a plugin in Logic
  • The breath controller works in garage band

What doesn’t work:

  • The breath controller in Logic with MG2

What I’ve tried:

  • Under the sax settings: parameter mapping / dynamic controller mode
  • I’ve tried clicking on dynamics and then “learn”
    ---- I’m new to logic and I’m just guessing what to do.

Well, as I alluded to above, the breath controller has nothing to do with MG2, once you are working in Logic. They are two different sources of MIDI data. If you want to control sax expression, go to dynamic controller mode (again), and depending on what CC you are using for your TEControl breath sensor, put that in there. Most likely it is CC2 (Breath standard) or CC11 (Expression). If you have a bite sensor activated it might control vibrato. The better alternative is to turn that of (deactivate) and use your guitar bends for vibrato action instead. Don’t forget BEND range 2 (enabled on your MIDI Guitar 2 software for that!

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Thank you for your guidance on this! Much appreciated.

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