How to start building patches?

Congrats on getting version 3 out. I’m feeling kind of dim here but 'really struggling with the basics: How to start bulding a patch, how to add items to the workspace etc. Am I missing the intro guide?

Thank you. We will add documentation, but for now this is the best introduction:

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Yea, great to see v3 is finally out and yes at first look the GUI/functions are a bit confusing. So confusing that since yesterday the standalone model does not work anymore here, I don’t get any sounds/sound indications – input is “dead” and don’t know what to do. It works well as a plugin in Logic though.

We still need to add some factory patches, to get starting points.

Oh, Is this problem on the latest version 3.0.46?

It already started here yesterday, on 3.0.45, so the problem should not be 3.0.46, the problem is probably me who have set something wrong (in Sonoma 14.2.1).

I have now updated Sonoma to 14.4.1 + Focusrite Scarlet drivers to 3.18 and TOTALLY uninstalled MG3 and reinstalled it. Still dead quiet (no input in standalone mode) MG2 is working fine as standalone.

Sounds like you didn’t give MG3 microphone permission (Mac => Security => Privacy => Mic => MG3)

This is great! thanks!! I’ll go over it today

Correct, didn’t know this, now permitted, now it works :slight_smile: Thanks!