How to stop guitar audio from coming through?

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is not possible to do.

I am trying to use MG2.21 to play sounds on an external hardware keyboard - Korg Nautilus
I have my electric guitar going into an HD500 which goes into the Nautilus for the audio and this works fine in other software (DAWs, etc.) and I’m using a generic low latency ASIO driver in MG2 standalone and as a VST in Cubase 12.0.6.
I am not using any Instruments in MG2 and the MIX is set hard right
MG2 shows my MIDI Interface is Output as NAUTILUS 1 SOUND and the Control is NAUTILUS 1 KEYBOARD and Channel is ANY/OMNI (I have also tested on other channels)

I can see MIDI Velocity activity and everything seems to be set up correctly as far as I can tell.
However, I still hear my electric guitar which I do not want to hear. I only want to hear the sounds from my NAUTILUS.

Has anyone set up MG2 with any external keyboard to use as standalone or with a DAW or with Gig Performer or some other VST?
How can I stop the MG2 guitar audio?


is it possible that your audio interface is set to ‘monitor on’?

you have the mix knob in the right place to mute the guitar sound.

i’m not familiar with cubase but what happens when you mute ‘nautilus 1 sound’?

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Thank you for the reply.

My understanding is that the way I have things set up per Korg and videos I have watched, the Nautilus is my audio interface and I don’t think there is a ‘monitor on’ but I will review to double check. I believe I need to keep ‘nautilus 1 sound’ enabled to hear the built in sounds.
Cubase does have a monitor / speaker icon, and when I turn that off, there is not audio from MG2 to convert. I tried various changes and I’m searching this site as I thought I had found something last year when I originally started with MG2.
I thought I had this set up and working before when I was using a Steinberg UR242 so I suspect I’m missing something or maybe I will try to set things up differently. Maybe send the guitar through the HD500 to the UR242 and try routing tracks in Cubase in other ways. I’m just concerned that Windows 10 can only have 1 audio device so this might not work like I expect.
Thanks again for the reply.

which interface is your guitar plugged into? a brief glimpse at the nautilus specs indicates that it only has balanced and line inputs, which would not be the best option in this case.

all daws i’m familiar with under win10 can only access one interface at a time (unless you use something like asio4all).

mg2 works best with an untreated signal (ie: inserting the line6 hd500 earlier in the chain may adversely affect midi note detection).

for midi work, i’d go guitar direct into the ur242. send the midi output to the nautilus and bring its audio in on another track (using another analog input on the ur242).

if you need guitar and midi together, then i’d use a y splitter cable, do the midi as above, then send the other end thru the line6 and connects its output to the ur242.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried various combinations of connections with the Nautilus and with the UR242. I’m not actually using the HD500 presets, I use a clean sound, just passing the signal through it when I use MG2. If I am just messing around with the guitar only, I use the HD500 presets with effects.s I assume that a clean preset should work with MG2.

However, after struggling with this, where changing the audio device back & forth between the Nautilus and the UR242, and having various issues, I have decided to purchase a UR44C which should arrive in a few days.
I tried plugging the Nautilus into the 3/4 inputs but then there is very low volume compared to when I use the Nautilus as the audio device. I’m not sure if that is because the UR242 3/4 inputs are line level or not but it might be. I was also getting various crashes which I blame some on Windows.
I’m hoping the UR44C will allow me to use MG2 and to record audio and MIDI. I’m trying to get away from VST’s and use the Nautilus for all sound. I like to layer sounds and a lot of times using HALion or other VST’s tends to glitch and there are lots of drop outs. I don’t have that problem with the Nautilus. I realize I am probably not using the Nautilus as it is meant to be used. I’m just trying to avoid audio issues I’ve had with VST’s.
I will probably need to figure out how I want to route things to record audio and MIDI using Cubase and/or Gig Performer or Studio One to see which is easiest and gives the best results.
Thanks again for your input.

This may or may not help, but I split my guitar signal at my pedalboard, send a clean signal from there to MG2 via my DI, then mix the returning signal back in with my pedal chain as needed (including a hard switch to cut either signal off completely if needed). The clean signal to MG2 is the only thing going into the DI box, and the VST signal the only thing coming back out because I have the mix control as you’ve shown it (and I’ve pointed the midi-out setting to the DI only). I get only the midi instrument coming back through the DI box. I’m wondering if you might have some non-midi guitar signal routed back to and/or mixing again with your final output? Just a thought if it helps.