How to store TEC Control

Was wondering… many of us use TEC BBC2 control. While it’s great at what it does. It is very unwieldy once you turn and twist the tube to suit your needs.

Question: How do you store the device. Do you just hang it from a hook or roll it and put it inside, particularly if you are weekend warrior (hobbyist like me)


Hey @Shyamus

I have two BBC2 controllers. I have one sewn into a guitar strap so as not to have to mess about so much when I want to do something away from the home studio. The other one is just hanging from a hook or whatever. Available, but not in the way. I have never had any issues with it if you don’t count the number of times I’ve had to untangle/unspinn it! :grinning: :+1:

i don’t use mine often and so it lives in a old stiff bodied headphone case.

the case is a bit too big, but i don’t have to worry about the tec getting crushed or lost.

In that case One has to straighten the tube and flex it each time it’s used and then stored. Will the tube handle multiple times bends and straights. Thanks