How to synth only one track in Logic Pro x and keep another tracks clean?

I want to play looper with clean guitar in 1at track and 2nd track I will play synth solo. How to do this in Logic? The problem that 2 tracks becoming a midi synth because Plugin catching all inputs. What if I need only one track to be VST synth?

switching of the monitoring (symbol |) on the MG channel, will disable midi tracking.

If I turn off monitoring I can’t hear looper or I can’t play play lead with synth over loop. They idea is to record loop with clean guitar and play lead part over with midi. If I will put everything in one channel MIDI GUITAR will listen and that input and play my looper accompaniment like VST - I don’t need this. Only way that I found is to plugin in my looper in the 1st channel of my audio interface and 2nd channel plugin my guitar. Make it separately, and MIDI GUITAR WILL LISTEN ONLY 2nd input and 1st input (with looper) will stay clear. And very first pedal in that chain is a ABY switcher. So two chains are look like this: GUITAR - A of ABY pedal - looper - 1st channel of audio Interface- Logic track with 1st input- monitoring turn on. Another chain looks like this: GUITAT - B of ABY pedal - directly to 2nd channel of my audio interface - create a Logic track with 2nd input- load MIDI FUITAR 2 - turn on monitoring - create 3rd channel with VST what I need… In this case I can records loops to the 1st track using my looper and ABY pedal in position A. After that I want to have some soloing over, so I need to switch to the B position of the ABY pedal and sound will go directly to the 2nd channel with Midi guitar Plugin. Only this was helpful for me.

well yes, if you have a switch pedal and stereo input, you can switch from midi to clean ofcourse by assigning MG to one input channel, and a clean guitarchannel to the other.

The idea is to use that connection for YouTube stream. Also I find another way is how to play with looper station and synth lead part is to use a loop effect chain pedal and use 1 loop effect chain for a iPad (cables go from sends to input if Irig. And from output of Irig go to the return of my effect loop chain.) then sound go to the looper and other pedals. This method even easier. But you need to have a IPad Midi Guitar app to be able running 2nd part applications or use internal sounds…