How to trigger a clip in Ableton/How to Midi Map

Hi! I love the software and have been using it to do awesome things for a while, but:

How do I trigger a clip in the session view on ableton? I know how to route this to trigger drum samples, but there are more sonic options when one triggers a clip (triggering midi, triggering loops, etc).

I messed with range_to_one_note but don’t understand how this might help in this situation and/or how to use it.

Also, and this is extra credit but would be very useful, it would be awesome if I could Midi Map certain notes to record enable tracks, activate a looper, turn on effects, etc. These are things that my midi footpedal does now, but I imagine there must be a way with MG.

Thank you!

Hey, ya know what, I got help on the FB group and there’s a clever way to do it through ableton.

Then the MIDI track that I route MG to becomes my trigger. Do tell though if you have another way to do this that you think is better.

Thank you!

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HI i’m trying the same thing…
I just want to select a channel and turn it on and off by playing notes on my guitar.
What kind of pedal do you use?
Did you get any further is you proces?