How to trigger a Reverb?

Looking for advice on how to setup all strings clean (no MIDI) except G string.
Any note played on the G String to trigger a Reverb.

I also have a GI-20 that allows per string mute.
But not sure how to setup the Reverb to be triggered, because it’s not MIDI.
Maybe a way to use a Gate?

Hi @sadicus
The only way I would be able to pull that off is by using my GP-10, since I have those 6 channels of audio directly from my hexPU forwarded to my computer. If I understand things correctly that is not an option with that GI-20, right?

So even if you could use your MIDI messages just from your G string to trigger (turn on/off?) a reverb, you don’t have the clean audio from just that string to affect. A breakout box or cable from your hex PU and a two-channel audio interface will do for this particular setup. Then you just use the first channel for the first channel containing all strings, and then find the cable used for the G string out, and use it with the second channel. But obviously, it is way smarter to use a 6-channel audio interface if you are interested in experimenting with string separation like this. :+1:


With a standard guitar pickup it works with the notes (frequencies) not the strings.
With a hex pickup, it works with the strings and/or the notes.
As my guitar only has standard pickups, I trig any fx, sample, looper, etc with a note generally located in a position that has never been played: for example, the D of the 22nd fret and around.