How to use MG 2.5 live

Paul or other MG 2.5 users, could you describe how to use MG 2.5 IOS, from a software point of view?
For example, you can launch Audiobus3 and then from it launch MG 2.5 + some guitar processor (i. e. Bias or Mobile Pod) and some synth and be able to save all the 3 apps and their respective presets wihtin AB3 and be able to reload them later?
Thank you.

sofar we have no audiobus support, so you can not load and save MG’s state in AB.
Sofar most people have used MG on the sideline, producing virtual midi for other apps that are or are not in AB.
Our app now also supports program changes for loading its patches. So it can kind of save its state for itself.

The minimal pattern for usage is to run just MG with maybe an extra synth/sampler alongside. A bit more elaborate would mean having an extra amp sim app running.
MG, synths and other fx can react to midi program changes, so that can be done by foot.
Audiobus to our knowledge doesnt support program changes: it will save the current state of all Audiobus enabled apps and AU3’s that are loaded in the patch. But those states are gone as soon one of the apps reacts to program changes. This means that for live usage Audiobus will not offer much but a “configuration” and a mixer.

Since most of our users are guitarplayers, it is uncertain whether Audiobus is the right way to go: you need to have all patches stored per app anyway.

We ofcourse like to get more feedback on this: we think most people on iOS run MG with just a synth alongside, because that is what is told to us most. But there might a whole bunch of technical savvy users, who havent told us how they run things and how they want it all to evolve…

Although in some cases I would only use my IOS to add some synthesizer sound to my guitar multi effect hardware, in many occasions it would be very interesting to do everything on the Ipad or Iphone guitar sound and synthesizer, with today IOS devices its really feasible.

the problem is that while IOS it is a very mature platform with great apps (like MG, awesome synths and great guitar processors) the situation in terms of formats and standards is really chaotic with multiple formats AB, IAA and AUv3 and each application supporting only some of the formats, being impossible today to have a host that allows to control and configure the different effects and processes and allow to save and load the presets via midi.

AB3 is certainly not the solution because it does not support program change, but although rudimentary is one of the few that allows a total recall and thats something nowadays.

How could Midi Guitar deal in this situation? A great opportunity would be for MG to function as a host and allow AUv3 to load, which would probably make it an interesting standalone solution. Although unfortunately many musical apps still do not support this format, however I think it’s the real future, as we can see in the music applications on mac / pc

Another option would be to support AUv3 or at least AB to be able to use MG it on other hosts.

In PC MG acts in both ways, as a host and as a slave, and is really very versatile, in IOS it would be ideal that I could do it, but there maybe it would be asking too much.


Yes, good thoughts!
This is similar to how the desktop version works. Hosting AUv3 on iOS is something we want to explore for sure. It allows people to save patches with 3rd party synths, just like the desktop version.