How to use mg2 in DP11 to control VIs

Is there a specific way to use mg2 to control VIs kontakt or falcon etc. where do I o look ace MG2 on the instrument track? Then create a midi track?
Can someone give me a detailed process

Hi @Top40ent
Did you check the DAW guides? Is there any significant difference between the basic structure from the previous versions of DP? I don’t use it myself, so I am just pointing what we have here: MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin

The guide does not state How to actually use the plugin. I just need insight do I insert the plugin on the instrument track and create an midii track to control the soft synth (instrument track)… usually in the midi track allows you choose the input controller of that virtual synth.
Is MG2 working in then background?
The guide just states open an audio track and add mg2 to it and choose its internal sound of mg2 “piano” then create a midi track to hear the sound…
is there a video on how to do this… jam origin has not got back to me in over a week … thanks for your help

Again, I don’t know DP, but in Logic or Abelton (on a Mac), I open MIDI Guitar on an AUDIO track, and my software instrument (Kontakt or Falcon) on a SOFTWARE/MIDI track, ARM that track for recording (press the red button), and when I play something on my guitar that is coming in on the AUDIO track I have MIDI Guitar on, MIDI Guitar will translate this and send it to the SOFTWARE/MIDI track. If I also hit RECORD, MIDI will be recorded on the Software track.
Now, reading that DAW guide, select “Test Piano” is just a test patch, so that you can hear that MIDI Guitar works on the AUDIO channel.
I would guess that after you opened a MIDI track (13. in the DAW guide), you should probably open your Kontakt on that MIDI track and try to record? What happens if you do that?

Thanks I’ll try that!!!