How to Use Midi Guitar 2 In Gig Performer 4

When I try to add the Midi Guitar VST to Gig Performer 4 it fails and reports it is “unvalidated check with the manufacturer for an updated version”. Is there a way to get the plugin to work in Gig Performer 4?

Are you trying that with the demo version (if there is one)? I can run both MG2 2.2.1 and MB 1.2.1 in GP4 no problem. I’m on Windows.

I am using the demo but on a Mac.

Demo Gig Performer that is MIDI Guitar 2 is the full program

@Holt Which GP version do you use? Deskew or Plugin Alliance ?

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Ah, good question. Specifically, if Plugin Alliance, the locked (to PA plugins only) or the unlocked (3rd party plugins supported) version?

Found if I run Gig Performer under Rosette everything works perfectly


This is good to know for mac users.

I had the same problem with Camelot Pro.

I’ve found it’s better/more efficient in Gig Performer to open MG2 as a standalone app and on the Interface page to select “Virtual MIDI output” in the MIDI Interface section. Then MG2 is available as a MIDI Input bock in every rackspace (and gig file) without having to open a new instance in every rackspace.

However, I don’t use the built-in sounds with MG2, just the MIDI. There are ways to get the sound into MG2 as well, but that begins to get more complex (not a lot more complex, but…).

I’ve found that on the M1 with Monterey, I occasionally have to check that the connections are made properly - somehow the MG2 preset doesn’t connect to my interface reliably after a reboot, but once it’s connected everything runs fine until the next reboot. I expect that will be solved with a native M1/Monterey release.

I am constantly amazed by all the possibilities of connection and organisation in the virtual world.

Everyone finds their own way of working according to their needs, requirements, logic and/or artistic preferences.

I fully understand the method stated here and its advantages, which are, however, disadvantages for me: although I only use the audio2midi conversion function in MG2 (no presets or patches), I prefer to use a rackspace template containing MG2 as a starting point and to graft the plugins I need after MG2.

Why? Because for most of the virtual instruments I will be playing, I will be using different curves in the Midi Velocity section to get the most appropriate rendering for the instrument being played (Some instruments that I use have very different dynamic responses, such as hurdy-gurdy, sitar, chinese flute, etc).
So using a single block of MG2 (standalone or in a global rackspace) would not make my job any easier, quite the contrary.

Being on Windows, I have never had a problem with MG2 plugin in Gig Performer.
I knock on wood and cross my fingers :wink:


That makes sense! I do very little instrument emulation and I find that a single response curve works for me - maybe with a little tweaking inside the virtual instrument.

I am constantly amazed by the flexibility we have to invent ways to do what we want. And by thinking about what is going on inside these machine to make extraordinary, complex sounds come out…and by the magic of MID Guitar, which is an amazing piece of work, central to my system.


When I read your post, I immediately understood that for you the playing of virtual instruments was not systematic.
I started in the same way but since I use Gig Performer, I became very greedy as for the possibilities of exploitation of the MIDI instruments.

This also comes from the context in which I play: I accompany writers and poets live who read texts on which I have composed accompanying music but also sound effects, atmospheres, using either loopers or premixed soundtracks (all virtual in Gig Performer of course).
Here, no verse/chorus (one “song” lasts over one hour alone), but rather what resembles film music with however recurring themes declined in several styles with different instruments.

That is why I need the instrumental and sound diversity that Midi Guitar allows me.

Sounds very nice, I would love to hear some of your work some time.

And you have me doing some poking around…I’m finding that I may create some MG2 MIDI In Block presets with different velocity curves so that I can switch around very quickly and try different curves with different sounds. Still a different approach than yours but I would not even have thought of it without your input.

Yes, my sounds are much more abstract and soundscapey for the most part.

The combinaton of Midi Guitar and Gig Performer is a dream come true…

For me the three great inventions of my time were:

  • the compact cassette multi-track recorder
  • the computer-assisted music
  • Midi Guitar and Gig Performer

You can hear some of my works here, but it is original French version
Jean Azarel & Hérold Yvard

and an older one, recorded live, with only Midi Guitar and a looper, long before I discovered Gig Performer


J’ai apprécié votre travail, Hérold. Presque dans le style sprechgesang.

@TheMaartian Yes, the second one is “parlé-chanté” when the first one is somewhat related to spoken word.
Musically, I experience it totally differently, and even more in live performance because one needs theatricalisation, the other one requires discretion.

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