How to use MIDI Guitar in AUM


  1. create an AUDIO channel , with hardware input
  2. int the first effect slot choose Inter App Audio / MIDI Guitar
  3. now visit MG: load midi fx “midi output”, set “midi output” set to “virtual midi”
  4. also in MG: set the bendrange if you need bends.
  5. go back to AUM
  6. create a second AUDIO channel
  7. as a source, choose your synth, be it an IAA instrument or AU instrument.
  8. in the menu left to the synth source, select “Midi Guitar out” as midi source

Note 1: midi guitar and other IAA plugs loaded needs to be visited once per session, to load the proper patch/ set the proper params.

Note 2: Changing your hardware audio in, will break all current IAA connections: you have to reload the current patch to repair that.


Thanks for that explanation!