How to use or incorporate with my live-looping pedal board?

If I am performing live with a pedalboard, how would I be able to Midi Guitar 2 as well?
For example, if I want to performs song like “Careless Whispers” I would record the guitar with my looper pedal then I would like to play the saxophone with Midi Guitar 2…how would I set it up with my pedal board?
Is there some way to incorporate the audio interface with my pedal board?

Hi @jgabra62

I would probably use a simple audio splitter. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Just split the signal coming out from the guitar into two, one cable going into your pedalboard, and the other directly to your audio interface. You could of course use some wireless transmitter and two separate receivers picking up the same signal, but that is a little risky for live setups of course.

I would suggest something a little more sophisticated. Using a Y-cable will result in a reduction in signal level and a potentially undesirable physical connection between the two devices. I would suggest checking out the Behringer DI20 (on the low end; 27,90 € at Thomann) to the excellent Lehle P-Split III (on the high end; 139 € at Thomann).

Behringer DI20

Lehle P-Split III

does your looper have multiple inputs? (which one are you using? which audio interface?)

if it only has a single input then it’s a little tricky, because you need both your guitar output and the output from the audio interface and although a guitar input can probably accept the audio from the interface, matching the signal levels will be a challenge.

some loopers have balanced inputs in addition to guitar inputs, this would be an ideal situation for you, as each input would have a separate volume control.

on the input end you also need to split your guitar signal as described above.

you could develop a more complicated solution using an audio interface as the central device, and attaching your looper in an effects loop.

My looper sits at the very end of the sound chain just before the powered Pa speakers I use instead of an amplifier. All effects and special synths are done within midi selectable patches in the standalone MG2 app. I use a Mackie Onyx 2+2 interface which has 2 audio inputs as well as midi in and out (midi in only used for fcb 1010 foot controller for changing patches on the fly. So audi output from the interface goes to looper out from looper goes to speakers.