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HowTo use a 5 string bass guitar in Midi Bass

Hi forum
I´m new here and very interested to use midi bass but I found no way to use my 5 string bass guitar. Possible is only the E string but not the B string.
Can someone give me a howto I should setup midi bass to use all 5 strings.

I first tried using pitch shifters to trick MIDI Bass into tracking the notes but it was a struggle between tracking accuracy and latency. It never worked out.

I have settled on a combination of MIDI Bass and the Sonuus G2M3. I use Cantabile as a host, so I filter the midi input of the G2M to transmit only the notes below the low E to the subsequent Virtual Instruments.

The latency of the G2M is much worse than MIDI Bass so the combination of the two solutions is worth the extra cost and effort in terms of playability, although the cost of the G2M is as much as I paid for my MIDI Bass license. 100% cost increase for 5 extra notes is kind of expensive IMO, but I won’t complain because the alternatives are way more expensive and cumbersome.