Hx stomp with midiguitar2

Hi all I’m trying to see if there’s a way that I can use my line6 hxstomp or helix as an audio Interface to run on a laptop at the same time that the hx stomp is doing it’s normal job. I can see that there are many usb ins and outs on hxstomp and helix so can I use one to send and return to a laptop running midiguitar2 to get synth sounds while using hxstomp to get guitar sounds.

Any help would be appreciated.

i haven’t used an hxstomp but there are some common issues.

mg2 works best without any pre-processing, so route the direct signal from the guitar into it (hopefully one of those usb inputs is the raw guitar signal).

separate output paths are desirable, synth sounds > full range speakers, guitar post processing > amp.