I already have an ASIO driver installed and it doesn't work. Just connecting the guitar to the UMC202 HD and this to the PC, should it work?

I just downloaded the trial version and can’t get MG2 to work. My sound card is Behringer’s UMC202HD. I do not know what to do.

Thank you

most likely reason: you need to setup the ASIO in and output channels with the upper most option in the MG interface section.

Have You check your audio buffer size cause Midiguitar works at 256 or 128 samples ?

I have configured the ASIO input and output channels to the maximum and it does not work

I have tried with 128 and 256 samples and it doesn’t work either



what does not work?
do you see input on the meters in the interface section?

Hi, if it can help, for UMC204HD, I curiously had to reduce its buffer size to obtain a good result.