I own Midi Guitar for Garageband for years and now I am been forced to rebuy it. Why?

I own Midi Guitar for Garageband for years, and now I am been forced to rebuy it. Why? It doesn’t make sense, and it is dishonest.

Dishonest is a harsh accusation, especially coming from a first-time poster. Maybe provide some context? What changed? New computer? Software upgrade/update?

Have you tried communicating with the developer before posting here? I personally have written to JamOrigin and received prompt responses before even realizing that there was a forum.

Best of luck.

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It will automatically restore the IAP when you go to “shop” inside the App.You need to make sure you are logged in with the Apple ID that actually purchased it.

In fact you cannot re-buy it. Its a so called non-consumable IAP (Apples terminology) and even if you buy it again, you cannot be charged twice on the same Apple ID.

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I am using a new computer but the same Apple ID which actually purchased it. I have owned Midi Guitar for so many years, so this is not the first time I changed computers. And I never had this problem.
I’ve tried to find a direct line to Jam Origin, and the only path I could find was filling a form were Midi Guitar for Garageband was unavailable as a topic, so I came here. Or I couldn’t find it or a direct support channel for Midi Guitar for Garageband doesn’t exist.
@JamO, I went to “shop” inside the App all the times I was “interrupted” and was led to a shopping page on this site - but not to the software I own, but to a 149$ version. I couldn’t find a redeem page, button or something.
What would be the way to solve this? Delete and re-install via App Store? Is there a redeem button?

Thank you.

I find heart warming noticing how proud you sound for being a “local” and not a “first-timer”.
Congrats for your achievements.

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The “shop” button is in the upper right corner. It will automatically restore the IAP.

Thanks, @JamO.
It seems to have worked.

But I’d suggest having things a bit clearer on the UX and the general flow.
I’m far from being a newbie on these matters but got really frustrated trying to work on a crazy deadline job through the night and not finding an intuitive solution for a simple problem.

You guys have the best audio to midi app on the market, and I always recommend you.

Keep up the excellent work.


Glad it worked out. Welcome to the community.

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