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I want to add a vst to simulate an acoustic or acoustic 12 string guitar

I want to add a vst to simulate an acoustic or acoustic 12 string guitar.

I thought if I mix it with a normal clean guitar sound it could sound very close to an acoustic.

Has anyone done anything like this with MG2?

I couldn’t wait so I downloaded the free Spicy Guitar.

It works fine but I had to turn off all the keyboard key note controls and use the MG2 transposer to put it up an octave to match the normal guitar range.
You have to figure out what you can play to make it sound the most realistic but it will definitely come in handy.
This vst is really great and has many preset acoustic guitar sounds to choose from.
The 3 guitars on the left of the Spicy Guitar GUI screen actually are much more than 3 guitars, they are the different basic acoustic guitar presets. I guess the GUI image is supposed to represent a carousel of guitars.
I set the latency to the lowest and the quality to the highest and it plays well. I mix in a bit of real guitar with the MG2 tube amp and it’s a bit more realistic.
Sounds better than my real acoustic guitar to be honest.
I can’t wait to try the MG2 transposer up another octave to get a 12 string effect.
Likely more usueful for a keyboard player as far as the key controls but it beats playing an acoustic thru a mic for me.

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Very interesting.
I downloaded and installed this plugin.
I transposed 2 octaves up and deactivated the chord detection: the sound is very close to a 12 string guitar.
Thanks for this info, I think I’ll use it one day :yum:

Hi. I’ve used Spicy Guitar and I’ve found it works well too, after tweaking. I like that you can save your settings for a particular guitar as a User Preset. I’ve only been able to use it in MG2 32-bit, not 64-bit. AGML Lite Free (simulates Martin 6-string) by Ample yields very true sound. It has several presets too, for the acoustic guitar sound you want to create. Also Sforzando (acoustic 6-string and 12-string guitar selections from the general midi instrument set, GM 25 to 32) works well for me, but I tend to use that as an after-effect VST for a midi track after it’s in a DAW, rather than as a front-end VSTi recording input to the DAW.

Forgot to mention that I’m using all of those VSTi/VST apps within MG2, whether for front end input, or after-effect treatment in my DAW. MG2 hosts them well.

I’m using the Spicy Guitar vst with the 64 bit MG2 stand alone and it works fine.
I never tried it with any 32 bit DAW’s.

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Went back to the download site and saw the Win64 version there. Either I missed it a couple of years ago, or it’s fairly recent. Regardless, now I’m up to date. Thanks for the feedback.

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Amplesound has an acoustic 12 string VSTi Ample Guitar 12. which is a sampled Taylor 956 CE 12-string Guitar. There are three libraries; strum, thumb pick and finger. The sample size is 8.3 GB. The VSTi also includes eq, compressor, delay and reverb effects.

I watched the demo and it was played on a keyboard.

I attached a similar tune (I didn’t play it correctly) done with the Spicy Guitar VST through MG2 played on a guitar.

There’s all kinds of tweaks you can do to make something the same but I just wanted to show you what Spicy Guitar can do with MG2.

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I meant to say the demo of the Amplesound was created on a keyboard or mouse, not played on one. It sounds fine but I think a better comparison would be playing a guitar to trigger it.

Maybe post a simple deomo of guitar played thru it using MG2.