I just want to record the midi guitar 2 app itself into my Cubasis daw. Not looking to output the midi to another synth; rather I want to capture the audio from the built-in presets. Help please I can’t find this app in any IAA list.

OK so I figured something out in the AUM app you can set up an audio track with normal hardware input then on the secondary “+” in the chain, add Midi Guitar as an audio unit or as inter-app. Then on the output you can send it anywhere. I tested it as inter-app in AUM then sent it from AUM to Cubasis 3 and it worked.

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why not load MG as an AUv3 in Cubasis? (you need to buy the AUv3 IAP for that)

Your reply made me look around in Cubasis more and sure enough I found it under “insert effects”. Thanks!

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