I'm new to Midi Guitar and need help setting up my Midi Guitar site

Hello, I’m not that computer savvy, but I can get around. I have tried to install Midi Guitar 2 on my computer. I can only get Midi Guitar for Garage Band on my Mac . I did purchase the full version. When I go to my iPad I can get the Midi Guitar 2. I have tried several times to get the Midi Guitar 2 on my Mac but still having a problem. I was able to get the Midi on the iPad but I’m also having trouble with applying my license. Can anyone Help… Thanks in advance…Phil

Hi @rinkle

Now, since I don’t know what OS you are running I may include (perhaps) unnecessary information here.
First, you say you purchased the full version and have trouble applying the license. That gives me reason to believe you have the license file accessible somewhere on your computer? If so, great.
First let’s reckognize that there are three different versions (purchases) of the MG2 software (the iOS, the MacOS, and the Garageband version, not counting any Windows version here).

So when we are talking about the “full” version, we are most often referring to the Desktop version, and for that we have furthermore an “old” and a “newer” version of the MacOS software.

So download the appropriate trial software version. Open it and wait for it to “timeout”. Then apply your license as prompted by the software. This should give us a place to start, at least, if you still are experiencing trouble. :+1:

Thanks, I will try that

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