Impossible to select audio interface

Hi everyone,
Guitar midi 2 software does not detect my USB KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 as an audio interface.
At the same time, this USB interface is well detected as midi interface without problem…
Any idea to solve this issue?
Thanks for your answers!

you need an ASIO driver installed, you can download one from if youre audio interface does not come with it’s own ASIO driver.

I assume that you are on a PC, as KOMPLETE AUDIO does not needs a driver on a Mac.
For a PC, you must first install the Native Asio driver and adjust the settings.
Asio for Windows

Thanks…It is working now

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hola tengo el mismo problema. mi interface es el integrado en la placa base del pc realtek creo que se llama. no le saco punta alguien me puede decir que configuración tengo que hacer?

Hello, welcome on this forum :smiley:

The Realtek card is sufficient for basic computer use (listening to music, watching movies…), but it is not powerful enough for audio applications such as a multi-track sequencer, Midi Guitar, etc.

The 2 disadvantages will be either high latency or crackling in the sound.
In addition, it does not have an input compatible with a guitar signal, which is necessary for proper detection in Midi Guitar.

An external audio interface is absolutely necessary.

gracias por responder

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, necesito el interfaz externo. El problema es que si llego a funcionar correctamente hasta que desinstalé cubase y algunos programas mas que los tenia de prueba, por eso pienso que lo mas seguro me falte algún driver o algo esta mal configurado pero no se que puede ser.

Mi guitarra es una alhambra 3c ct E1 electrificada con Fishman Classic III (E1)

un saludo