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Improve latency


Hello I use midi guitar on iOS 12 with an iPad Air 2 and an iRig input through the headphone jack. It seems like the latency has worsened some lately, especially on lower notes, there is a noticeable delay between playing them and when the app plays them.

Can anyone give me some advice about improving this? I love the app and really want to use it.

When I use a different app like Ampkit there is no latency, so I guess it is the midi2guitar app itself?



Pitch to midi causes more latency than an amp simulation: for a a note to be recognised it takes time. An amp sim can run without knowing anything about the notes being played.
the lowest notes have the longest wavelengths and are the slowest.


Well after a few days the latency is changed for the better. Do iPads do indexing or something like Macs do, that might be slowing it down at times?