In App Purchases indicate 'Retrieving Price' without Wifi

Hi. I recently purchased all of the In App Purchases. When I disconnect from Wifi, which I do for nearly all of my performances, all three say “Retrieving Price.” Does this mean that the in app purchases are not accessible when WiFi is not available? Please advise.

if you open the shop, MG will allways try to look for the prices and purchases.
But your purchases are stored locally: if there is no connection, it is no problem: your purchases are allready active. You’ll notice because you wont get interruptions.

Hi, unfortunately it seems that the above approach does not work out all the time. Last week I was offline with WLAN and with phone. After a little while the app gave me an interrupt, though I have purchased two of three in apps. Please check.

first check whether you have the official release installed: the beta will not store its (virtual) purchases. Go to MG in the the appstore and see whether it offers you the download.

from the app store I have downloaded the version 2.6.6. There is an open link next to the app, so I think this version is installed.

ok, that was step 1 for checking.
now please open MG and let it retrieve the purchases.
when done, please close MG. (home, swipe up from botton, swipe MG from screen)

then go offline and reopen MG. open the shop: see if the purchases are stored.