In VST mode, is it possible to output MIDI data to be recorded to a DAW midi track?

Or to output MIDI data to feed into a DAW midi instrument track ?


Yes, that’s what it does.
Please see

Read the link - easy to do.


The question that was asked if one can actually record MIDI data (not wave that can be translated to Midi)
I haven’t seen a link for that. In order of recording MIDI DATA one needs to be able to record in a **MIDI channel NOT in Audio Channel. That I haven’t found, If you can show me I would appreciate it! Thank you in advance.

MG as a plugin is loaded on an audiotrack ( otherwise I wouldn’t have an audio input to convert… ).
The midi that is output from MG is then used in a midi instrument track.
Look at
There is list of major DAW’s : most of them support this routing.

I think you’re still missing the point. As I read it (and am very curious to know) is it possible for MG to export a standard MIDI file that can be edited and corrected - the way one can with any standard MIDI recording? As long as it’s sending the complete MIDI information to my DAW, why would I not be able to have a complete, editable MIDI track? That’s actually what I though I was buying yesterday, but I don’t see any way to do it. I’m hoping that it’s just my unfamiliarity with the product because if it actually cannot do this, it’s a huge disappointment. I will post this in the main forum section too, as I really need to know. Thank you.