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Independent channel midi for each string

Hi, can i use midi guitar with a independent midi channel for each string? I mean, i want to put a bass patch in the tree last strings and a guitar patch in the tree first strings of my guitar.

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Hi @dario
I guess I already answered this on my YouTube channel, but for anyone else: the way to achieve that kind of string separation for any pitch to MIDI system is by using something like a hexaphonic pickup for instance, as I do in this video

Another way altogether to set up would be with an instrument that has some fret scanner system perhaps, taking its cues from other things than (just) pitch. These systems tend to be on the more expensive side however, but absolutely worth checking out.

@LoFiLeiF Hello Thorleif, can you send me a Expressiv Midi Pro 2 costing €299, I will send you €400 for that. :rofl:

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Haha! I didn’t even notice that! :rofl: Well, now I have to I guess?. In Sweden we have some regulatory systems pertaining to misleading marketing of this kind where any store will “have” to sell an itemn at the price shown in the shop or storefront. But going to the site it would seem it is just the privilege of reservation we are talking about here. :grimacing:

Hello Dario, welcome in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You can not get independant channel per string, but if this is useful to you, you can simply split the guitar range on two different midi channels by selecting the note where applies the split.