Inquiring about the future progress of your software

I’m amazed with this product. I’m a guitar player from New Orleans and have been into guitar synth since the very first Roland stuff. THis is amazing. I bought an IPad just for this app. Please tell me you guys are still working on it. I believe it is destined to be the industry standard. Thank you

I posted this in the bot chat and didn’t know if it would be seen. JamO this is amazing software. I used to work for a company called “Rocket Network.” We were the first company to do online collaboration.We first used midi then .air and .wav. The point is, I’ve been doing this a long time and your work is a game changer. Please don’t stop. It will eventually catch on big!!


I meant .AIF. Wow this stuff is stellar.

Evidently MG 3 is in development. Good things take time. I’ve still got a plate full with MG2.

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I’m in no rush, I just wanta say wow, please keep going!


i have no way of knowing, but if one was able to compare 2023 roland gk sales (sy-1000/gp-10) to mg2 sales i’d bet mg2 is already outselling the roland gear.

aside from the fact that it works better (is that your experience as well?) it’s also almost $1,000 cheaper than an sy-1000 w/gk pickup.

and it will work with all of your guitars.

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I bought every guitar synth Roland put out since 1977 (showing my age). I have the Fishman Triple Play and I bought a JamStik a few months back. I really like the JamStik guitar and will keep it because it works pretty good with Bluetooth as long as you don’t use Bluetooth to monitor. I spent 800 bucks on a new iPad just for this $28. software. It works better than anything I’ve used to date. Also love Logic Pro for iPad. Hate the subscription


I agree. I’m having a special computer built that has Tonex and Amplitube for guitar and bass as well as Midi guitar 2 for keyboard interface. The synths will come out in stereo separate from the stereo guitar outs and separate from the bass outs. I’ll keep us posted when it is finished.