Install 32 bit Midi Guitar on 64 bit Windows 10

I have a 32 bit dll VST but it 64 bit Midi Guitar can’t open it. Is there a way to install 32 bit Midi Guitar on 64 bit Windows 10?


I have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions installed on my windows 10 surface pro 4 with no problems.

Maximum - that sounds encouraging. HOW did you install both 32 and 64 bit versions of Midi Guitar? I don’t recall an option or choice. I’m looking for the stand alone version of Midi Guitar - not the dll to use with a DAW.



Hello Rick, welcome here!

Your 32 and 64bit plugins must be installed in different folders like MG2 apps.
32bit plugins are available only in MG2 32bit, 64bit plugins only in MG2 64bit.

If you plan to use 32bit plugins in MG2 64bit, you must use an application to convert them in 64bit.
Most of 32bit plugins converted to 64 run well, some may be unstable or may not work at all.

You can use Jbridge to convert 32bit plugins to 64bit (and vice versa). It is a simple and easy to use program and really cheap (it allowed me to convert dozen of plugins :grinning:)

Look at: JBridge

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Herold, thanks for the JBridge resource reference. I assume this works with the standalone MG2 app as well? I notice that there are several JBridge tutorials available. I’ll give it a try.

Cheers, rick

@rickjens No problem, I use bridged plugins in standalone mode.

JBridger is easy to install and use: just follow indications.

The main point is : after bridging, never move any 32 or 64 plugin as the bridged one refers to the source.
If you have to move the plugin directory, you will have to re-bridge the wanted plugins.

Have a look at this procedure too How to use jBridge – a detailed walkthrough

Herold, thanks. I just ordered JBridge.

Cheers, rick

Hi rickjens,
I must apologize for not returning your last response to me sooner, I must have signed out before your reply. I’ve had a busy week and didn’t get back to the computer.
If I remember correctly when I installed MG2 on my Surface pro 4, the installer gave me the option of 32 bit and or 64 bit versions and I simply checked both boxes. I now have a folder in C:/program files/Jam Origin that has folders for Midi Bass, Midi Guitar and my licence file. Within each folder are the .exe files for both versions of the stand alone. Then again, Herold’s idea of using a bridge vst is great also.

Regards Maximum

Keep in mind that using JBridge is the last resort when you can not get a 64bit plugin version.
Bridged plugins can be unstable and crash the system: it is at your sole risk (and mine…) :skull_and_crossbones:

Herold, I got it. Sometimes the bandaid is not the best solutio. Thanks for your help.

Cheers, rick

Maximum, as you indicated both 32 and 64 bit version of MG are installed by default. Once I looked in the folder, I realized my question was superfluous.

Cheers, rick