Inter-App Compressor and Eq for Midi Guitar 2

I have recently started to play Midi Guitar 2 (MG2) with my iPad and I love it. However I’ve noticed that I get better results in terms of tracking and dynamics If I compress a bit the signal of my guitar at the input of the audio interface. Also when I play live and since I monitor my guitar sound and Midi Guitar 2 (MG2) sound in a single Full Range Monitor, most of the times I require to equalize a bit the output of the audio interface of Midi Guitar 2 (MG2) (reduce bass increase highs) to compensate the mon freq. response and balance with the guitar.
I have been doing this with an external compressor and an external equalizer, however this means carrying a lot of stuff and power and cabling… :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:
So my question is: Does anybody know if there is a way to use or inter-connect other audio effects applications inside an iPad or iPhone to provide the Compressing before MG2 and the Eq after it inside the same iPad instead of using all the external gear?

If you use a Host (AUM, Camelot, etc) you can insert a compressor previous to the input of MG2 and an EQ or any other effects in the chain.

Ah! That sounds brilliant!
I did not know about the host solution
I will try to do it with the brands you suggest and will post back the results

Thanks so much!!