Intermittent sound

I am using a Behringer UMC22 interface which I’ve set to be both input and output with the help of this forum but the connection seems to be intermittent. It is on / off, on / off every second. If I unplug my guitar I can here it click on and off. I’ve tried changing the latency setting but nothing seems to make any difference. Any ideas anyone?

make sure your ASIO driver has exclusive acces to the interface: the windows system sound should NOT use your UMC22.

Hi Paul. Thank you for your reply. Can you take me through how to do that? Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob.

Quick update. I removed the device in Windows Device Manager but it made no difference.

Next I tried ticking the button next to Hardware Buffer in the drivers section. I now get a steady sound from my guitar but this is accompanied by a quick slapping sound. It could still be Windows interfering with the device but if it still does it when the device is removed I’m a bit lost :frowning:

in ASIO config: hardware buffer is mostly no good. Try latency setting 256, sample rate 44100 (44k1)

Paul - I really appreciate you helping me. Unfortunately, when I turn the hardware buffer off and choose 256 & 441K it goes back to the on/off experience I was getting before.

what kind of computer do you use?
-what CPU? windows version?

It is a Dell Spectrum Windows 10 1.70Hhz cpu

that is too little info: there are CPU’s that run on 1.9 Ghz but are not powerfull.
whats importants is the type: is it a: Atom, Celeron, i3,i5,i7?
Most Atoms and Celerons will not run our app, they are too weak.

This is what I have

ok, that i5 CPU is good enough for our app.
-close all apps except MIDI Guitar (especially your internet browser)
-if you use the “generic ASIO driver” now, please try the ASIO driver from asio4all.
-your interface is a lowcost interface without opitmised drivers, that is why you have to use ASIO4all’S driver.

I was using the asio4all driver but I downloaded it again and re-installed. Rebooted my laptop and opened MD only and still the same, I’m afraid.
This is the setting when I get on/off

This is the setting when I get consistent sound from my guitar but a patter in the background

you could try “force… 16 bit”. your interface does not support more bits if my info is correct here.

Sorry, I should have said. I did try that but it is still the same.

the driver is vague about the samplerate here, does MG display the samplerate and buffersize used?

I have chosen the third option down here