Intimations of mortality

I am 74. I started playing the guitar 37 years ago and am slowly getting the hang of it, don’t you know. Trying to extrapolate from my present perceived state of fitness, I imagine I might still have 30-35 years running time left. My question is: assuming my prognostication to be reasonably correct, can I expect to see version 3 of Midi Guitar? Yes or no?


I was born in 1952, started fiddling with a guitar in 1964, played my first concert in 1969, used my first guitar midi converter in 1988 and waited until 2019 to discover MG2.
One or two years won’t make any difference :wink:
And above all I am fully satisfied with MG2 as it is.


Dear DearOdear:
Oh Dear! While that IS (kind-of) a funny comment you’ve made, it’s also sort-of like a LOT of the “Faithful” here: Anxious, Impatient and [a bit] Mean-Spirited.

Just think how delicious the CROW that you’ll eat when our wait is over and MG3 is in-hand.

I’m about the same age as Herold and I truly DIG his Comment
“One or two years won’t make any difference :wink:

BE PATIENT, Boys ‘n’ Girls: (Like Frank said) “The Best is Yet to Come and won’t it be Grand”

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It’s all down to youthful exuberance and impetuosity, don’t you know. Burn candle at both ends, live fast and die, er, whenever, all that. Crazy mixed up kid, I’m often told.

This is my all time favorite post

Anyway sorry to say, the reaper may be faster than mg3 release

Oh,that Reaper, eh? For a moment I thought you meant the Grim one! Ha, ha, ha, silly me.
PS: Phew!..

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