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Introducing Guitar MODS

A bundle, if nothing changes. If you look at the roadmap, it says: ‘Guitar MODS is a new app/plugin that will transform your guitar/bass/violin into a wide range of instruments’. Price TBA, I would guess.


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Like what? sorry cant resist! :grinning:

This sounds more and more interesting, if you manage to create a more intimate and direct connection between guitar and sound generator with these MODS, you will have taken another step to shape a great guitar synthesis center with MG3.
Can we also expect improvements to the guitar to midi conversion algorithm itself? maybe better management of difficult intervals? improved latency?
If you need beta test collaboration in windows, do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to know if these weak spots of the midi guitar software have been addressed this time around.

  1. Low notes(open low e string, first fret low e string etc.) combined with tapped higher notes on the high e string pass the 12th fret do not ring out together, it results in the tapped high note not being sounded at all while the low note is sounding. Its a very weak point in the software thats been bugging me for years.
  2. Support for 8 string an 10 string guitars, well just extended guitars in general. No more combining midi bass and midi guitar with scripts.
    Being able to tap the 24th fret high e while a low e is sounding would be amazing, full flexibility for piano style voicings with tapping. Please let me know if these have been addressed. Thank you
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  1. Yes this is a known weak spot in MG2 and one of the things MG3 and MODS will do better.

  2. More range is coming. But 10 notes sustaining… difficult (and not so useful I guess?)

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Yes. Thats what MG3 is about. Thanks, I’ll let you all know when the first BETAs are ready…

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This all sounds too good to be true. I specially like “Lifetime licenses - MIDI Guitar 2 license holders can upgrade to MIDI Guitar 3, free of charge!” - this is unheard of in the cruel world of software development. Keep on truckin’ …


Thanks a lot. I have seen the roadmap.

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Everything sounds great !! Roadmaps, demos, videos, betas… When is the real thing being released so we can download it and play around !!! You are having all the fun , what about us ,??

are there any plans for an acoustic guitar mod? it would be very useful/inspiring to patch your electric into midiguitar and have a martin d-28 or a nylon concert or a gibson b-25 come out.


Perhaps in software, but not hardware. Kemper still supports all of their products with current firmware upgrades, adding startling capabilities to 10 year old products. That’s also unheard of.

All I have to say is you can tell which companies truly love their customers and appreciate their support. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Like @kimyo I would love to see mods that emulate the classic sounds of string instruments.
Some instrument sounds I would love to have include: acoustic violin or fiddle, six string banjitar (six string banjo), mandolin, lap steel, resonator guitar, 12 string Guild acoustic, Rickenbacker 12 string electric (strung differently than other 12 string electrics), Fender or Gibson 12 string electric, standard Fender Telecaster and pedal steel guitar.
Having access to these instrument sounds would fulfill my midi requirements.

What is Guitar Mods going to cost?

Still to be announced! Keep up to date with any changes on the MG3/MODs roadmap page The Road To MIDI Guitar 3 – Jam Origin

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I’m super excited about the MOD’s 'can’t wait to try it out with the TEControl breath control especially the sax and trumpet sounds.

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