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Introducing Guitar MODS

While we are all waiting for the update to MIDI Guitar 3, let’s take a look at another future release in the making: the JamOrigin Guitar MODS! These are instruments to be played from within the environment itself, built around the same architecture that will be at the core of the coming MIDI Guitar 3, but without the detour of dealing with MIDI. You just plug in your guitar, choose an instrument, and play.:saxophone: :trumpet: 🪗 :guitar: :banjo: :violin:

Here are two instruments on display to begin with: Saxophone and Trombone. Moreover, you get a glimpse of the super accessible automation setup here, and also two new features; 1. the benefit of adopting the MPE standard of a pitch bend range = 48 (we can now play and record slides/bends covering the whole neck), and 2. the brand new artificial sustain addition to the dynamics section. Think of this as a virtual sustainer PU, but without any of the problems with overtones.
These are the first two in the series - much more to come!


Let me guess: end-to-end-guitar-to-other-instrument-translation? Midi Guitar polyphonic tracking is very impressive but going directly from one instrument to another without descending to midi could take it to another level.


It is very Impressive! The connection you get with your (synth) instrument is almost uncanny at times. The dynamic nuances are controllable even within a held chord. So you can start emphasizing whatever internal structure of a chord you like in terms of dynamics, and also control and vary(bend) single distinct pitches while leaving others ringing in the background. :exploding_head:

Sure hope these mods work with MidiBass, too.

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Well that sounds very interesting.
What are those MODS? MG3 presets? MG3 addons the user can buy? independent plugins? no midi involved, so what synthesis algorythm it uses? hmm so many questions I know, but that you revealed it we want to know!

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Think of them as a bundle of virtual (synth)instruments. They can work, on the one hand, as an easy access to great controllable synth sounds for any new users that *only’ want the benefit of playing guitar sounding like something else without the hassle of routing MIDI, matching pitch bends, and all that stuff. At the same time they are fully functional as ‘plugin instruments’ from within MIDI Guitar 3 as well. Same structure, different products. But will work seamlessly together. For any MG3 owner they will work as an extra add-on pack (no idea about pricing yet), if you care to have these super playable instruments in your arsenal side by side with any of your traditional plugins. In the clean standalone mode, MODS will probably work more like opening up a guitar controlled synth with these instrument as options to choose from a list (perhaps three at a time), like a virtual pedal board where you can engage/disengage any of them by the on/off button, or you can switch and use another setup altogether. Very modular in that sense!

Interesting question! :thinking: I hope to be able to get back to you an answer soon on that one! :point_left:

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There are definitely interesting things to come in the future, hope we can see it soon.
Thanks for your answer.

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If all goes according to plan, these MODS are supposed to work with all kinds of instruments (guitar, bass & violin) according to the information I have today!:grinning:

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This sounds very cool and promising.
If given the opportunity to add a ‘wish list’ item,
it would be for a fretless bass that actually sounded like a fretless bass.
One where if I slide, it sounds like a slide on a fretless instrument.
Aging hands is beginning to limit my bending abilities.
Granted, I haven’t really gone out on any ‘holy grail’ quests to find one, but this thread showed up in my updates and I thought I’d toss my two cents in.

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Well, these MODS are actually not limited to guitar only. As I have understood it you should absolutely be able to use a fretless bass in the same way I use my fretless guitar. That is just a matter of tracking range. But if you are hoping for a instrument sounding and acting like a fretless bass controlled by a traditionally fretted instrument, that would be another thing altogether.

I think you misunderstand.
I’d like to get a good fretless bass sound using my guitar.
I can get close, but as previously mentioned, bending strings is getting
more difficult for me and I’d like to achieve the same sounds with sliding.

Well, the obvious answer is to get a fretless, but I would get if you don’t go there too!:grinning: I don’t see how a tracker would make a distinction between when you intend to play a discrete note as opposed to a slide though?

No pitch to MIDI? How can use MPE then?

The MODS are self-contained instruments that will produce only audio themselves. So you have (guitar) audio in - tracking/conversion - instrument audio out. Open them on an audio track in your DAW and record directly. As there is no MIDI out involved, or routing or anything, it makes no sense to talk about MIDI in relation to the MODS. They do however have polyphonic expression insofar as polyphonic pitch and dynamics. The MODS can be combined (opened in) the MIDI Guitar 3 environment, and from there you have all the MIDI routing possibilities you are use to, and MPE.

It seems to be more of an upgrade than an update and all this seems promising! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is the next installment in the Guitar MODS/MIDI Guitar 3 series. This time I go over the Synth MOD, assigning breath control in MIDI Guitar 3, artificial sustain, and some other stuff. Please tell me if there is some feature, in particular, you want me to focus on the upcoming videos?

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Thanks for your new video.
Some questions arise for me if you can answer:
Are presets inside the different mods?
What is that morph button for in the synth mod?
What are the advantages to use mods over vstis? less latency?
Are sample based or other synthesis type?
Excuse me again for asking so many questions and thank you in advance.

I can’t get into too much detail just yet, but here you go:

  • No, the presets are at a higher level, and set the entire patch. You can freely combine MODs and 3rd party synths.
  • The Morph button is for morphing your guitar into the MOD or morphing two MODS.
  • Since we have control over the entire pipeline from guitar input to synthesised audio output, we can do things that aren’t possible if you use other MIDI based synths.
  • Its a proprietary synth engine, not a sampler. Requires almost no disk space :slight_smile:

Price : MOD by MOD or MODS Bundle? Thanks!