iOS 14.2 BETA - External midi output crash!

Hey!! Help please, I’m using midi guitar with GarageBand for my live acts, and now stop to works the option external midi output!! When I select the option and I send a sound the application closes. I need help! :confused:

This is not something we have heard before.
Please try to restart your iPhone as a very first try.
Which version of iOS do you have and which iPhone?

I have iOS 14.2. Precisely I installed yesterday the version. I don’t know if it’s for that.

Do you know if it’s for the upgrade of iOS??

iOS 14.2 is a beta release. I didnt dare installing it yet, but it might be that this crash is a bug in iOS 14.2 and we should report to Apple. They frequently break things and fix it again. I don’t recommend installing iOS betas if you use your device for anything productive :slight_smile:

Ok, and how can I know when will works again? Or what I’ll do for males works again the app?

And Thank you so much.

Please try the TestFlight Beta here:

It’s built with the most recent Apple frameworks.

Still not working :frowning:

You think I should restart all my phone? Or wait for another option?

Hey I already restored my phone and doesn’t work :confused:


have the same problem - just spent 22€ fpr midi out an app crashes after one tone playing!

please fix this!


Thanks for reporting!

Please let me know, Are you also using iOS 14.2?
And why at kind of iOS device and audio interface you have.

i use 14.3 (updated yesterday).
i can set up to midi out - then cholse i.e. cubasis, but when i take my bass and play just one tone the app is closed.
i have an ipad pro 12,9“ 2017 and a behringer umc 202hd and a focusrite scarlett 18i20 (1.gen).


Yes exactly the same when i play one note crash.

Ok, we will look into this now, installing 14.2 beta 3 on an iPad Pro.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

:+1: i‘ll wait for news…

there is a substitute functionality, it covers both midi 1 and the new midi 2 standard.

Aha. Thanks! That makes sense.

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Hey hello, some news?