iOS AUv3 Amp sim?

Anyone know about any iOS guitar amp sims available that will load as a plugin in MG?


Nembrini and THU plugins are the best amp sims and AUv3.

Thanks L! Not bad at all. Not the most intuitive GUI on TH-U, but… Some nice free standalone AUv3 effects from Nembrini as well.

Great results with Nembrini, also loving GE Labs especially using captures of my amps. For automation, it’s sometimes better to run AUM and have the amp sim and Midi guitar in parallel chains

CamelCrusher is available for free:

It has a nice resonance filter for cabinet simulation and works very well in MG.

It looks simple but can do about anything one would like, even compression.

GE Labs is super, but still not AUv3? Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Yes one of the best, but who knows if it will ever be AUv3.
They have announced it at some point?