iOS Beta has expired

Hi Paul,

I saw that beta has expired…
Could you upload a new version to TestFlight?
Or is there an official version now with all bugs fixed? (AUv3 load on patch change)

Thank you

Ok, we’ll submit it again.

We are a bit stuck in this loophole here: We cant make this beta into the official version yet, because its missing IAA (which was deprecated by Apple) but still working in the official App Store version. If we publish this beta, many users will miss IAA.

Thank you, sounds good. Yesterday rehearsal was a bit different without MIDI sounds…
I understand that you are stuck because many users cannot go ahead because they need IAA. I can not go back, because I switched completely to using AUv3 instruments. Therefore I need a reliable switching of presets which only works in the beta. So I will remind you every few month regarding a new beta :wink:
Maybe you are working on a pure AUv3 version of MG. So I hope things go on.

Thank you

I’m anxiously awaiting another Beta so I can use the app and change sounds over MIDI. IAA is irrelevant to me.
I love this app and it has become the center of my guitar synth world.

Hi together,

any news regarding new beta? MG still dead and unusable😔

Its still waiting for Apple to review. Usually it would be out by now. But not yet…

Should be up now on TestFlight

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Thank you, MG is running again. Not tested if it works, but it starts😊.