iOS charging and playing at the same time

Just got the Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar. (
I was hoping to be able to charge while having an audio interface connected to my iphone 6.
However, with the Belkin splitter connected the phone can not see my portable audio interface (iRig HD2). So i am back to square one.

Anyone with any ideas on how to charge and play at the same time?
Compatible hardware, jailbreak?


the adapter you bought has no usb out, but a lightning pass though. that is not working when you want a USB audio interface connected…
the apple camera connection kit was the solution, but somehow apple just recently stopped sellign them, here is 3rd party adapter:

The irig hd 2 then can be connected like on a laptop: you use the normal USB cable and plug it into the adapter. The lightning socket on the adapter is the power input.

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Thanks, yes that makes sense :slight_smile:

I have used a Belkin rockstar splitter and iPhone 7+/iRig HD 2 in combination many times. But as I recall had issues with the lightning cable from IK.

In addition to what Paul said, it is possible to plug a regular CCK into the Rockstar and then use the normal micro USB cable included with the iRig HD 2 (not the lightning one).