IOS Cubasis3 and MG AUv3

Hello, propably I‘m doing something wrong - but IOS AU3 doesn‘t work for me (in Cubasis3/ AUM).
I insert MiDI-Guitar on an audio track in Cubasis. I select „External MiDI output“. But there is no MIDI output under MiDI Fx. On a MIdI-channel there is no „Midi Guitar output“ to select as MIDI input.
Where‘s my mistake?It works just fine with the IAA-plugin.
Any advice is appreciated.
( all in-app-purchases done)

Sorry, I haven’t tested Cubasis3 yet, however AUM works fine:

You don’t need to use the MIDI Output module (in fact it isn’t there when running as a plugin) - it automatically output MIDI. So I guess there is also no virtual channel to select in Cubase, so the question is how Cubasis can route the midi out of a track and into another track - I’m not sure about this yet but we’ll find out soon.

Thanks for your quick reply. It works for me in AUM - but not in Cubasis.
In Cubasis there are two MIDI-inputs available: „network session 1“ and „all“ - but none of theme seem to work - for me at least.

Ok, thanks for feedback.

You should probably not look for MIDI inputs, but simply stack the plugins on a track. First thing to try is to simply use MG as any other audio FX (that will surely work, but you get audio out). The question is how to route the MIDI that comes out into another track or piano roll.

I think more Cubasis users will turn up soon, and otherwise we will also try to test it within a couple of days. It might be that Cubasis simply can’t route out MIDI from an AUv3 audio plugin on iOS yet, because very few apps do something like this.

Ok, I‘m looking forward for other (maybe more experienced) Cubasis users.

I’m using Cubasis 3.4. What is the purpose of menu item “Cubasis” in the external midi output patch? This does not appear when MG2 is loaded inside Cubasis, and appears to do nothing when MG2 is running alongside cubasis.

Could you please clarify exactly how MG2 is intended to be used with/inside Cubasis? Perhaps MG2 is not capable of running INSIDE Cubasis…however- I paid for IAP Plugin Hosting/ “Load Midi Guitar INSIDE hosts” …. it would appear this has not been implemented, unless I’m missing something. TIA.