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MG2 setup in AUM - how to?

Can any of you explain how to use MG2 in AUM? I managed to get it working in AB3 (after a fashion) but didn’t really find it usable. I’m still fairly new to the iOS/iPadOS platform, so it’s quite possible that I’m just not setting AB3 up correctly, but I find the i/o routing confusing.

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  1. Get the latest MG version on App Store.
  2. Start AUM.
  3. Add an audio strip.
  4. In the top slot put your audio interface.
  5. In the middle slot add the MG audiounit extension
  6. You should now hear sounds from MG. Turn down the volume slider.
  7. Add a second audio strip.
  8. In the second audio strip, add a synth on the very top slot.
  9. Press the 3-line icon next to the synth and set MG as midi source.
  10. Go to AUM settings and turn off Latency Compensation!
  11. Jam :wink:

Steps 1 to 8:

Step 9:


Thank you, these are very comprehensive instructions. I’ll let you know when I have had time to try it.

I managed to figure this out by trial and error last night, but thanks for posting; Excellent!