iOS MG2.5 USB UNO interface

Is there anyway to save a patch including the MIDI PEDAL setup?

I plugged the USB UNO Interface and it perfectly works. I save the setting as usual ARTICULATION/ MIDI PEDAL/ USB UNO…
My issue: this setting is not saved as soon as I shut down the app. When I open it again NO MIDI CONTROLLER is mentioned.

the MIDI pedal settign is a glo bal one: it doesn’t change per patch.
This global pedal setting is however not saved: this is will be fixed with the next update. So you still have to choose the pedal once at startup.

OK thank you for feedback

In case of a future update may I suggest you my wish for a more user friendly Preset List?
Easier to organize, swap, rename, delete, write, etc… patchs.