IOS MG2, No midi / Velocity stopped not working

I’ve been using MG2 on and off for a few years after purchasing a Tonewood amp.

Recently I began using an iPad for midi and recording purposes.

I decided to work MG2 into my set up and it was better than I remembered. How ever, for some reason a few days ago, I stopped getting velocity and notes from the app.

It shows that there is audio coming in and gain etc., but for the life of me, I can’t seem to get notes coming from it. On settings that use a mixed signal I can hear guitar coming into it and at the very least, the guitar effects work. But no velocity is registered, nor does anything occur on the midi side.

I’ve deleted and redownloaded and installed the app and occasionally it works.

I normally run through a usb interface into my iPad (Behringer UMC22) and have no issues with other apps using this interface. In fact, it shows up as an input option that I am then able to select and it shows a gain signal and everything. But no note velocity or notes. I’ve made sure to enable virtual midi.

I’ve also tried running it directly through the iOS audio, with similar results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This looks exactly like what I’m experiencing, not great considering this is where you’re directed for support, yet there’s been no response in over a fortnight…

It looks like something happened with the latest iOS updates. Thank you for pointing out. We’ll examine this now and hopefully reproduce this on some device here to address this.


  1. Please post a screenshot of your “audio device” setting in MG.
  2. Also, please try to unplug your audio interface and select the built in mic - does that trigger notes when humming?

Btw. your post was at midnight in Europe and now its 7.50am… overnight we sleep.

Cheers, I’ll try that, I was referring to the op post - funnily enough, while you were resounding here, I was filling the support form. I also assumed for some reason that the office was in the USA, sorry about that :slight_smile:


I cant reproduce any problems so far… tested iPhone 6s, iPad Pro 12,9 2020, iPhone 11, with iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.4, with iRig HD, scarlet and xtone interfaces.

Krupa you write that you are on iOS 13.5 - is that correct? Then we can exclude that its iOS 14.4 breaking something.

Most likely this has to do with your audio interfaces. It seems something happened to Tonewood Amp.

It would be very helpful if anybody with this problem can post screenshots of their MG audio interface setting panel.

Hi, I tried unplugging the interface, and again, I can see the signal going in, and with an Apple headset I can hear the direct audio processing through that, as I can with the interface (irig Pro). It feels as though there’s literally nothing being fed to the midi section, as none of the internal instruments, au plugins or midi output show any sign of life… I double checked my OS version, 13.6

Thank you for the efforts,


Please let me know what the “audio device” panel looks like… I think for some reason your iRig will not run at low buffersizes. Try also cold reboot the iPad.

The behaviour you describe (basically tracking is disabled, but otherwise it runs) is happening when MG cannot get small buffersizes (max 256@44.1Khz/48Khz) from the OS or host. Then MG will not track your playing as it would have too much latency to be playable.

You also say that the same thing happening in AUM? Please also check your audio device settings (buffersize and samplerate) in AUM’s settings.

Ok, try this too, but it seems incredibly odd that I’ve been using it successfully for months with this setup and suddenly it doesn’t work…

Very odd, it does work with buffer settings under 1024 in aum - and once set low enough will work in the standalone (no setting changes are possible in there for me so changing in aum is necessary). This wasn’t the behaviour until recently, I may not have tried it with higher buffer settings until the last week or two, but I definitely did before… good to have a fix, strange that it was suddenly required…

Ok! I dont know why it suddenly changed… maybe other apps and iOS have made it run at 1024.
Maybe you need to reboot your iPad.

Yeah, that was one of the things I tried before even looking for support, I’ve reported the fix back to the Audiobus forum, I’ll let you know if they report any further trouble, thank you :+1: