IOS Midi Guitar 2 not recalling AU Instrument when remotely changing patch

I’ve been using Midi Guitar 2 on a Mac for a while now, and have had it hooked it up via a Line 6 HX Stomp effectively as a synth ‘pedal’ in a loop using the HX USB audio ins and and outs with the Macbook running Midi Guitar 2 and various VST synths.
As part of this I lined up the patches so whenever I change a patch on the HX, the program change output via midi by the HX switches MG2 to the correct patch, and MG2 automatically loads whichever relevant VST I use for rhe patch. This has been working great for me.

I’ve been trying to replicate the same setup on the IOS version on an iPad (latest non-pro iPad) and have got most of the way, but when I’m switching patches on the HX, although MG2 on the iPad does switch to the correct patch, it does not load the correct AU instrument for the patch.
If I’m switching between 2 patches that both have instruments it keeps the one from the prior patch. If I switch to a patch with no instrument associated (where I’m not using MG2) it does drop the instrument, but going back to one with an instrument doesn’t reload it.
If I manually switch between patches on the iPad itself the Instruments are loaded correctly.
One other issue - the overal setup also doesn’t seem to retain the setting to use the HX Stomp as a midi pedal in the articulation section as well - so each time I fire up MG2 I have to switch this on, though it does retain HX Stomp in the Audio in / Out settings

OK, replying to myself here. Just looked further down the forum and saw that this is fixed in a Beta. I’ve downloaded this and seems to be working on the beta. Any idea when this will be in the production versions?