iOS no sound output

Hello, new iOS user here, but previously successful Windows user using the same iRig setup as described here (so I know my iRig works). I connected my iRig to my iPad Air (iOS 12.4.3). I can see the device and signal levels in MIDI Guitar when I play, but there is no output sound. “Output Channels” in MIDI Guitar is set to “IRIG HD 2 1 / IRIG HD 2 2” which is in fact the only available option. I have an amp connected to the amp output of the iRig and no sound comes out. If I use headphones with my iRig, I can hear output very very faintly if I play the onscreen keyboard tool in the app. What am I missing?


is there sound via this interface using other apps on your ipad?

Hmm, not out of the amp output on the iRig. Just through the headphone output (and pretty quietly even when the iPad volume is turned all the way up).

ok, so the problem is not related to our app.
what kind of iRig is it? there are mulitple versions

I got this figured out with IKMultimedia support. Thanks.

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